Monday, March 16, 2009

mild weekend...

This was the first weekend with very mild temperatures. We were able to get out of the house on Saturday and Sunday and work in the yard.

Jerome used a sawzall and cut up the garage door into pieces. The garage door has been sitting at the side of the driveway since Christmas waiting to be cut up so we can take it to the scrap yard. We're planning on rebuilding the garage this spring/summer. He brought the ladder out and took down the Christmas lights along the front of the house. He hung the historic plaque. He raked the front yard and burned the twigs and leaves.

I cleaned up the leaves all around the house and got halfway up one side of the driveway. There is still so much to do. This was a 5 Bextra and two nights of the heating pad weekend.

You wouldn’t believe all the growth! Many, many, many crocuses, tulips, squill and daffodils are coming up through the still frozen ground.

The weather is still supposed to be very nice the rest of the week, so maybe we’ll be able to get the majority of leaves up so that the plants can start coming through. It’s really early to get all of this done, so I’m very happy that the weather cooperated this weekend and we were able to get so much accomplished.

I’m sure we’re still in for some cold weather and even some snow. The last two years we had snow in mid-April. But it is so nice to have put a dent in the work so early.

We were also able to take a small walk up the new path that the county has just finished. They took apart the old railroad tracks and created a biking and walking path. We walked for about a half hour ~ 45 minutes. A lot of people were out there with their bikes or walking their dogs. It was so nice.


dynochick (Jan) said...

So far I've only noticed a couple of tulips coming up at the Torrey Rd house. We have been so busy with that house that I haven't had a chance to really scope out 'The Gear'.

My legs and lower back hurt so bad from bending that I could hardly rollover in bed.

Today was very cold. While we raked, Mr. Peacock was hunkered down in a pile of leaves.

I found a photo of 'The Gear' taken last 3-22 and there was snow on the ground.

baby sister said...

Yes, I'm nearly 10 years older than my husband, so he has yet to feel the real pain of age...kinda stinks. He has to put up with a woman who has to take so many anti-inflammatories and use heating pads - I'm sure he's wondering what he got himself into :)

Saw the photos of Mr. Peacock - He is so beautiful! I want one!

dynochick (Jan) said...

He's hilarious. Yesterday he was trying to scare the cats by shaking his feathers and running toward them. They could have cared less. One of the cats just turned her head and looked at him and he freaked out. Finally he gave up and just walked away dejected. He's sitting on a section of fence that is attached to the house, right now. He has his little head turned and is leaning toward the window looking at what I'm doing. He knows his name, too.