Monday, June 29, 2009

did my walk around...

And look what I found!
"Scentimental" rose (thanks Dynochick!)
threadleaf coreopsis 'Zagreb'
we've been told this is some sort of husband HATES it and we've been trying to get rid of it for a couple of years now - we're just not very diligent when it comes to pulling it up because it's in an awkward place in the boulder garden.
Oh, and look who's and white kitty. He's been hanging around but won't let you get close. I didn't know he was sleeping under one of the Japanese maples when I went to do my tour - I scared the kitty crap out of him!
bear's breech - odd plant, but very prolific. You can take one little piece that you've pulled and stick in in the ground - it will look more than dead for a while and then all of a sudden, you have a new plant.

I answered an ad on craigslist and so I've got a guy coming out today to take some of my perennials because the garden is very OVERGROWN...anyone else?

Update: Dude didn't show...

a lone cosmo...

This was a surprise yesterday. A couple of years back, I purchased a bunch of flowers to decorate our other house when we were putting it up for sale. This was one that I had purchased. After they ran their course, I planted them in my garden.

Last year, this one had leaves, but no flower so I looked them up on the internet. It says that cala lilies don't survive cold weather and need to be dug up every year. So, I thought it was a goner, for sure.

Well, last evening when I was taking pictures, I noticed this in the middle of the Star-gazer lilies!

star-gazer lilies...


dynochick (Jan) said...

Cala lily?? Lucky you. I would not think in a million years that it would survive here in Michigan. Maybe that brick helps to keep the temp up. Also my Star-Gazer lilies are at least a week from blooming.

You must be in a micro climate because you are continually 2 weeks ahead on blooming.

Everything looks lovely and very healthy.

dynochick (Jan) said...

Oh I that rose Scentimental???

Cute kitty.

baby sister said...

I am so glad you are around!!!

I had no idea what the name of that rose was until you told me. When I just took a look on-line, it seems that you are correct.

I'm going to update my post.

Thanks again!

baby sister said...

oh, and within a few weeks the Japanese beetles will be out and about eating up all my "healthy" plants.

We try grub-x, and then we have the Japanese beetle traps down at the end of the property - which really helped the last two years. Also a garlic and dish soap mix (made me sick!).

But they will be pummeled, for sure.