Monday, October 25, 2010

end of season...

I've noticed that some people cut their hostas (and other plants) down way before now...I happen to like the colors that the hostas turn at this time of the year.  When we start raking in a couple of weeks, the hostas will be much easier to pull out - plus they've had all their nutrients stored (or at least that's what I believe).
In this photo is a Japanese Maple and a Burning can hardly tell them apart, they are so close in color right now.
In this shot you see Cosmos in the front, followed by Dahlias, Burning Bush, Japanese Maples (these ones turn orange) and the Magnolia tree.
Finally, these are some nice yellow mums that I had purchased in the spring as a decoration for my brothers 50th Birthday Party that we held at our house.  They added a nice little pop of color in the early spring, when only the early tulips were blooming. 
I replanted them in the front of the house.  The weather was so drought like that I thought they were goners...but they survived and they are blooming!  When the buds start, they are a reddish-orange, but the flowers are a nice bright yellow.

Still need to plant a bunch of bulbs and purchase and plant a bunch of boxwoods...then it's resting time until next February/March.

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