Wednesday, February 16, 2011

veggie garden...

My intention is to begin a vegetable garden this year.  "My intention" means that I will need my husband to accommodate my wishes and help do the majority of the building.  I will help hold things and do the eventual planting, but he needs to do the heavy lifting.  

I was inspired by this article in This Old House Magazine, which is where this photo comes from.  We would put it on the east side of the garage in an area that we luckily had leveled when we had the garage built.  Prior to it being leveled, it was a pile of stumps and dirt.

We've started a list of the veggies that we'd like to see growing in this garden.  This is what we've chosen so far:
  • green beans
  • tomato (probably only one or two plants because neither of us eat all that many tomatoes)
  • green onions
  • parsley
  • corn (just a few stalks, so that I can have some decorations for the fall)
  • pumpkin (again, only a couple since all I want is a jack-o-lantern or two)
  • spinach (is there a difference between "baby" spinach and regular spinach?)
  • carrots
  • peppers
Well, that's the list so far.  We would build a fenced in area so that the little bunnies would only be able to eat my crocuses and tulips.


Eric said...

I always plant a tomoato or tow and I don't really like them either! But they're good for you. Right?

Last year I has a "St. Nick" that is like a small grape shaped tomato. They were awesome! I'm hoping to find another one this year but I don't rememebr where I got it.

Eric said...

NEEDS APPROVAL? Check my spelling while you're at it! LOL

baby sister said...

You spelled "two" wrong.

RF said...

Remind me at the next Mini gathering and we can talk veggies. Bob and I do a pretty big garden every year, and would be delighted to add some good-humored pressure for this aspect of your honey-do list for Jerome!

Rebecca (Matchbox)