Sunday, April 3, 2011

michigan weather...

I didn't know which blog to post this to, but I guess it's about outside so it should go in the garden blog.

Yesterday I spent a good couple two-three hours working in the yard; sweeping out the garage and cleaning up some of the flower beds.  The temp was pretty nice in order to work outside - it was close to 60 degrees at times.
This is the before shot...but I didn't think to get an after :(
A little sowbug killer spider that I unearthed while removing leaves.
It's not like we don't still have snow on the ground up here.  Yep, we live "up north" and we still have plenty of snow on the ground in areas that are in the shadows.  Yesterday, I only worked the areas that didn't have snow anymore. 
All the snow we still have + a little layer from today's snow.
And then today...!  Today I went to the movies with my friend Deepa.  While driving there it was a near white-out!  When I got home from the movies, I had to shovel my driveway and throw all that snow into the flower beds that I just clean up yesterday!
I was thinking bunny, but I believe these are squeaky (squirrel) tracks.
Yesterday 60's, today 30's and snow.
One of the beds I cleaned yesterday.
 * * *
Also, I had noticed some tire tracks in the snow on our driveway when I came home from the movies, but didn't pay any attention to them.  I thought someone had just pulled in to turn around or something.  Finishing up shoveling at the bottom of the driveway by the road is when I saw that someone had just recently dug a hole in my flower bed along the driveway.  Kinda big hole.  I guess it was the person who belonged to these tire tracks.  Curious.  Now I'm wondering if the person who did this has anything to do with the gas company's project that is supposed to start tomorrow.  Maybe checking to see if the ground is still frozen...or...did someone just steal some of my tulips? 
This is the hole that someone dug just before I got home from the movies.


dynochick (Jan) said...

That's weird.

Doesn't look like a cave in because it looks like there would be mulch in the bottom of the hole.

Is this the area where they will be digging?

baby sister said...

I still don't know what happened to this, but I assume it has something to do with the gas co. I did find the missing dirt and yep, there were about 6 tulip bulbs in what they had dug up. I replanted and hopefully they will regrow.

Anonymous said...

That is the beginning of a mystery novel, Von! Very strange indeed! (can you tell I'm watching too much Masterpiece Theater on PBS?!) mdl sis