Wednesday, July 27, 2011

dry, dry, dry...

The garden is rain for days.  The rain barrel is nearly empty.  Things are looking pretty sad.  Even though we don't typically sprinkle our grass or plants, I had to for the last two weeks, otherwise some of the nice plants we purchased earlier this year would have shriveled up and died.  But even with that, it's still looking dry and brown.

One good news item.  We have put down GrubX twice this year and we've seen only a few Japanese Beetles!!!  MUCH IMPROVED!  One more application this year and then 3 times a year for the next two years and we should be all clear.  Plus that should make it so those pesky moles move on.

Oh, and an update on the veggie garden.  There isn't one.  Not yet.  We've been real busy this year and haven't found the time required to invest in this project.  I believe it will be started this year before the winter, but who knows?  We still have several windows to paint and that project started about 4 years ago.  We really need to focus, but we are just jam-packed with things to do until probably November!

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Charisa said...

We have a 40% chance of rain this afternoon and I'm keeping my fingers crossed! We need it so badly too!

We also did two coatings of the grub stuff, however I don't think any of our lousy neighbors did, so we still have them around. We sprayed our cherry trees and a few others with Sevin when they were coated with beetles and that has stopped them ever since. So it's been better than last year.

Have fun having fun! The windows and garden can wait! :)