Wednesday, May 28, 2014

harsh winter casualties...

We are just starting to have some hot and humid days.  They come and go.  We fired up the old AC last evening because I just couldn't take it anymore!  Just too humid in the house to sleep.  But I hate it when you do that and close up the house; all the windows and doors and in the middle of the night, the temps go down to something that is beautifully cool.  But inside, it's still 77 degrees.

Ah well.  Modern problems.

So, the casualties I've noticed around the garden.  The bamboo that I had been growing for a few years all died of exposure to continuous cold temps.  It was super cold this year along with a record breaking snowfall of the likes the area hasn't seen since 1830-31.  Crazy.  No worries though, there are plenty of bamboo shoots popping up all over.

Boxwoods have a lot of dead branches, but for the most part had survived by being buried under the blankets of snow.  Other than the one or two that were taken out by our cars sliding into the driveway and not being able to stop.

Some tea rose bushes are dead.

The climbing rose canes are all dead, but there is growth at the bottom.

A couple of spruce trees have damage.

Another bush that I have no idea what it is called is half dead.

I had planted a red bud in 2012, when my dad died and all of its branches are dead, but new growth is coming from the trunk.

A honeysuckle seems pretty much gone.

The one that makes me most sad is the lipstick vine that has a thick trunk.  It seems to be dead.  No growth yet and typically this is when it would start to leaf out.

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Charisa said...

So sad that you lost so much. We lost a few of the bigger branches of a flowering cherry tree. It was so pretty last spring and this spring it just wasn't the same. Our hollies also took a hit but seem to be fighting their way back. Let's hope next winter isn't as harsh!