Tuesday, May 26, 2009

day before we leave for france...

Again, I need help...what is this bush called?


dynochick (Jan) said...

I believe that is a wegelia (sp).

Lovely irises.

What is the blue flower called?

Tea rose...how lucky. Mine never survive. Do you cover yours?

Have fun in France!!!

dynochick (Jan) said...

ok....I knew I had seen the white flowered bush before but couldn't place it. Well today I was mowing the Torrey Rd house lawn when I mowed right past my neighbor's high bush cranberry.

Here's a link http://www.cas.vanderbilt.edu/bioimages/species/viopa2.htm

Still working on that yellow flower.

baby sister said...

Yes, I checked it out on-line and you're right - it is a weigela. Thanks for your input.

My spreadsheet of plants is filling in!