Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sparky standing watch over the containers that we transferred a couple of the bushes and the russian sage.

I think this is a weed, but I like it. It's in the "weed" area of the yard. The "weed" area is right in the middle of the yard where there used to be two ponds . The year after we moved in, Jerome took all the rocks and put them in a pile behind the garage. We were going to re-do the ponds. Then we decided that it was not a good location for the ponds (right under the magnolia tree), so we will eventually move them out in the open a little more. So, for nearly 3 years, this area has been collecting weeds and baby trees - the bamboo is getting over grown, etc. A neglected area.

Update - I spent a couple of hours weeding the neglected area Sunday - it looks MUCH better now. I filled up a whole "lawn and leaf" paper bag.

Update #2 - This weed is called a Purple Loosestrife (thanks again Dynochick) and apparently it's quite invasive. It's supposed to invade wetlands and choke out other plants and wildlife. I guess this is why it's in the area where the ponds were located. Not sure if it's wild or if the former owners planted it. I still think it's quite pretty and I really don't have very many jury is still out.


dynochick (Jan) said...

Wow what is that blue plant???

I've never seen anything like that before.

baby sister said...

That is called a globe thistle.

Sandy said...

You have the prettiest things in your garden!

dynochick (Jan) said...

I might get one for my garden. Is it picky?

I think the weed plant is loosestrife. They consider it invasive. I like it though.

baby sister said...

when you say picky, are you asking if it is hardy or are you asking if it have thorns?

Seems to do fine wherever it's planted. I rarely water anything in the garden unless it is in a container. Yes it does have pickers, but nothing that a good pair of garden gloves can't handle.

dynochick (Jan) said...

I bought 3 Globe Thistles today.

I hope I don't accidentally spray it with Round Up before it blooms.

I guess I had better label it REALLY well.

baby sister said...

Yep, it really looks like an obnoxious weed. I've had several people ask me if I was growing it "on purpose".

baby sister said...

Hey Jan,

Did you ever get any of the globe thistle to bloom this year? Or did you kill the plants with round-up?