Thursday, August 6, 2009

beauty in chaos...

One thing you can count on; the flowers will bloom...

The yard is a complete MESS!!! But in the middle of all that chaos, the dahlias are starting to bloom. These are Dinner Plate Dahlias.

This year I planted most of them in containers and those are the ones that are doing the best. I planted 20; 10 from last year that I stored over the winter and 10 new from Brecks.The scarlet one is called 'Garden Wonder'.
The purple one is called 'Thomas Edison'.
This one is considered white and it is called 'Fleurel'.
This one is yellow and it's name is 'Kelvin Floodlight' - funny thing, I used to go to school with a Kevin Flood and so, the name reminds me of him.

The only color that is missing at the moment is the orange. That one is called 'Mrs. Eileen'.

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Marina said...

The Dahlias are beautiful!