Tuesday, August 18, 2009

garage demo is affecting my garden...

So, not only have I had to remove, store and rearrange many plants in my garden but the workers are stepping on, leaning heavy construction equipment against and killing some plants.

In an earlier post I had written about my Chicago Peace Roses - well, as of yesterday evening, they are GONE!

Yesterday the walls were being poured for the garage and they had a huge cement truck in the yard. I guess the workers either don't care or don't look where they are stepping - cuz BOTH of those rose bushes were stepped on and totally trampled.

We've also been told that more boulders will need to be moved, because they've had to move the location of the garage to the west another 2 feet, so that means that if I'm interested in keeping the plants in that area, I will have to move them to a "safe" place. I thought where I had moved the Chicago Peace roses WAS a safe place, but apparently I was way wrong.

They also moved my purple dahlia, which is in a container. But they moved it to a place where it was going to be really easy to hit as they move around the yard.

Our bill for this garage keeps growing - so I said to Jerome last night, "should I keep track of all the plants that they kill so that they can replace them at their cost?"

Am I being petty?

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