Thursday, May 6, 2010

working hard, but it's hardly working...

Since the garage was built last year, this year poses some extra challenges with the landscaping.

We had the contractors push in the boulders a little and with that, we now have a much steeper incline.

We spent the whole day Saturday and most of the day Sunday working on this and other topsoil related projects.  And on top of that, some mulch.  Everything is having a hard time staying on that sharp of an incline.  But I'm smashing it down with my full weight...and we won't go there.

Sunday we had a torrential downpour; sheets of hard rain.  The gutters must have been full because the rain was just falling down our windows like we were in a car wash.  At one point we went outside to fetch a piece of plywood to cover our window well on top of which the gutter water was pouring down.

That's when we saw them.  Some beautiful waterfalls coming down in two places in our yard, eroding the soil around a couple of huge boulders and plants on one side and on the other side, eroding the hill that we use to get our lawnmower up to the upper level of the yard.  Not sure you can tell from these pictures.  We must have lost a yard or two of topsoil and a bunch of mulch too - down the driveway and into the street.
We spent the next day trying to come up with a diversion for the water if this strong of a storm were ever to happen again.  Even planted a bunch of Vinca Minor and Ivy in those areas. Haven't been home during a storm since, but it sounds like tomorrow I may get my chance.

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