Thursday, March 18, 2010

today, while taking down the christmas lights...

Yes, I said it, we're just now taking down the Christmas lights and other various outdoor decorations.  What can I say, we're late.

In fact, over the weekend, we actually had the Christmas lights turned on for a while.  It was for a photo scavenger hunt we were on and it was extra bonus points if we took a picture of a house with the Christmas lights turned on.  It was our lucky day that we hadn't taken them down yet as we did eventually get first place in the scavenger hunt that evening.

As we were leaving the house to gather more things on our list, we realized that we had kept the Christmas lights on...oh well, call the fashion police.
Anyway, as I was saying...while we were outside today taking down the holiday items, look at what 
was in the yard, blooming!!!

Last year I hadn't noticed this much growth for another week.  Is this a sign of an early spring?

Here's a shot of Smokey helping us with the very dry and dead cedar roping.


dynochick (Jan) said...

It's snowing here. It appears to be melting when it hits the lawn.

I can't wait for summer!

baby sister said...

You sound so enthusiastic about the flowers.

I know the snow is heading our way...that STINKS!!! Can't we just have spring already?