Thursday, August 19, 2010

we don't need no water...

Let the MotherFcuker burn!

I'm speaking of my grass...and really my plants in general.

We have not had rain here at the house for SO MANY DAYS!  It's rained all around us, but not in our little Village.

The grass is all burned up - especially all the new grass we planted in the spring.  Even one of my trees; the paper birch has lost half of its leaves - they turned yellow (which they normally do in October) and they fell off the tree.  I'm making a prediction - Fall Colors will be early this year.  

The ground is so dry that there are cracks that are literally 1/2 inch thick. Everything is screaming water, Water, WATER!!!!!!

We check the weather channel everyday just hoping that something would be coming our way - but even when it looks like there might be rain, it never does.  

Since we've been home from our trip to Seattle, it's only rained on July 17th (Romeo Garden Walk) - it was a freak storm that lasted about an hour and then it was blue skys and very humid afterward.  Then it waited until we had our Annual Pot-luck and rained for almost an hour then - that was July 31st.  One more time it spit some raindrops and that was around August 8.  Other than that - Nothing!

Everything is suffering.  I do some watering, here and there, but as I've read recently, the nice lush green grass of yester-year is growing out of fashion to the Green Movement.  So, people are letting their grass go dormant in the summer.  I'm doing it too, not that I like the look, because I DON'T!, but I also wouldn't want a huge water bill (especially since I only work 3 days a week - not good on the pocket book).  I've only cut the grass once since we've been back from vacation; so once in 6 weeks.  I just don't want all of my scruffy looking plants to die too.

Oh and another thing that's happening that never happened before - we have MOLES!  They are really screwing up what is left of the lawn.  We've purchased a stake that beeps every 30 seconds that is supposed to drive the moles away.  It's not working yet.  They say to give it several weeks, but summer will be over by then and I would only assume that the mole problem goes away with it.  I'm going to purchase the mole chasing windmills - I know they worked for my mom.

I hope next year we have a much wetter summer.

UPDATE: Just had RAIN!!!  Along with a tornado warning and sirens.  Now the AC is not blowing because the power tried really hard, three times to go out.  Oh, and again it only lasted less than an hour.  Not enough to do much for the grass and plants.

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