Tuesday, May 31, 2011

working hard in the yard...

Why are we never done???

Constant maintenance!  I was still outside power washing the driveway at 11:30pm last night!  And I'm not done!

We've been adding rock edges to beds and seeding areas, moving things, planting things, pulling things...there is a lot to do at all times.  We finally took a moment to take a bike ride yesterday, but it was a forced bike ride with thoughts of power washing dancing in my head.
Is your yard like this?  Do you spend forever in the yard making things better?  Or at least you hope it's better.

I've always wondered why it seems that when we go to my SIL's houses for birthday parties, etc. that their houses are oh so clean.  I mean really clean and totally ready for the party in a very clean way.  I clean.  My house is clean, but not like their houses.  Grass is greener syndrome?  Maybe.  But last night Jerome had an epiphany about the "why"...it was sweet.  He told me that the reason is because with them, that's all they do - they clean the house and take care of indoor stuff, whereas I do it all.  He said you would never see them outside power washing the driveway at 11:30 at night, or moving a bunch of boulders or cutting the lawn unless it was a "well, since HE didn't do it, I guess I'LL have to cut the lawn"...whereas I am "I'll cut the lawn (because I like to)"...I'll move boulders, etc.  Because we share all things, inside and out.  He cooks and grocery shops, I do the laundry, hang and fold.  He messes up, I clean...haha (had to throw that in there!)...I should be nice since he was nice and complimented me that way.

Well, anyway, we're never done (reviving an old theme).

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dynochick (Jan) said...

There's always a weed...always a lawn to mow.....always something.