Tuesday, May 1, 2012

weeding, planting, mulching...

The weather has not been very cooperative since the early thaw and warm temps that we enjoyed in March.  Since then it has been rainy, WINDY and cold...dismal.  I don't know about you, but I cannot work outside in high winds...everything gets blown around and it's just a mess.

We managed to buy the mulch, the Boxwoods and even a Redbud tree.  Last week before we went on vacation, we were able to plant a mess of Boxwoods and the tree and cover the area with mulch...then we headed off to Florida.

We flew home yesterday and on our way home, we stopped at Block's Nursery on Eureka Road and Middlebelt; right by the airport.  We picked up flats of Impatiens, a hanging basket of pink Geraniums and three English Lavender plants...more planting in our future, but not the near future since you need to wait until Mother's Day to plant annuals - hopefully by then the threat of frost will have passed and all our other planting will be done.

While in Florida, we made some events in our calendar called "KEEP CLEAR", so that if we are invited somewhere in the next month, we can honestly say that we are busy.  Six weekend days have this notation, so I hope that the weatherman will cooperate and make those days free of rain and wind.

As I've mentioned in an earlier post, we've got company coming and so, we've got to get busy and get to these things...

We have other things we need to complete this year.  Finally finish the scraping, sanding and painting of all the windows in the house...and now it looks like the paint on the eves of the roof need to be scraped again and painted.

Plus, we never got to creating that vegetable garden that we had planned up last year.  The ideas are still flowing about that and these other things are proving to be in our way.

One day...

OH! And I saw this great idea on Pinterest of doing some moss graffiti on our concrete garage wall (outside of course).  But I'd really like to do this.  I found a nice garden-y quote that I printed out and I'll have to stencil on the side of the garage.  I hope it works.  The quote I found was "Gardens are a form of autobiography".  It's short and sweet and to the point.  I like.


Charisa said...

I feel the same way about the wind. Can't stand it!
Sounds like you've got lots of work to do - but I'm sure it will be gorgeous and worth the work once it's done!

Eric said...

You need some moss?